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Children and Young People

In order to support children and young people we offer a comprehensive assessment and support service. You can come to us both with general concerns about a particular area (such as behaviour or learning) or ask us to investigate a particular area such as Dyslexia or Autism. We can help both with assessment and understanding the support needs of the child.

The start of the process is a preliminary discussion where we gather background information and identify your concerns. We then create an individualized package which will be provided at a fixed price. At this point we will fully explain what we intend to do and why. We will then undertake the assessment followed by a consultation meeting where we provide you with immediate verbal feedback. Assessments could include the use of psychometric tests, observation and interviews.The feedback will include a discussion of our findings and our recommendations for intervention (if appropriate). An electronic copy of our report will be sent you. A report can be produced for you to pass to school or other organisation. Back-up telephone advice is also offered.

Our assessment work is undertaken in school, and if necessary, in the child's or young person's home.

If you are concerned about any of the following general areas we can help by providing you with both a detailed analysis of your child's strengths and weaknesses and recommendations:

• Learning
• Social interaction
• Play
• Social and emotional development
• Attachment
• Behaviour

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